Thursday, February 23, 2012

Day 6 ChaLEAN Extreme

Wow finished up day 6 today, I get a rest day tomorrow. I am so loving this workout, my body is so sore, which makes me very happy. That means I am doing it right and getting a good workout YAY!! On a very happy note, I went shopping yesterday. A small history lesson, in 2010 (beginning ) or late 2009 I went to a store and had to buy some sweat pants/workout pants (yeah I didn't workout though). I bought a size 26W-28W. I have been swimming in those for the past few months, and decided it was time to get some better fitting pants. So I went to Walmart. Now for those who shop there, their clothes are sometimes a little small so I always expect to buy at least a size bigger then I normally am. I am happy to say that yesterday I bought pants that where a size 16-18. No W in that one. It feels so good. I know I still have a long way to go, but that was the boost I was really needing, now I need to get my but in gear and starting adding a healthy diet to my already very healthy exercise plan. I can do this and so can you!! As Chalene would say LETS GET EXTREME!!!


  1. Im proud of you! I was just telling myself today that I need to get back into routine. I eat healthy I just need to get my exercising on! How do you do it with the little one. Do you wake up earlier than her? I know she has horrible sleeping cycles like Tatum does.

  2. Nope I only get up early if I have so many appointments that I wont get it in early in my day. I usually take Trev to school, the come home feed the baby, then put in my workout, she is awesome plays with her toys. Every now and again I will have to stop and pay attention to her but usually I am able to do it without issues, she watches, or does it with me (if there is music she just dances its cute). I love it because I am teaching her how important exercise is as well!!